Fine Art

To see Jett’s fine art painting visit Jett Fine Art.

Selected work

"shy" watercolor 18x24 inches "My trapeze teacher" watercolor  "Tanya" Watercolor and Colored Pencil 18x24 inches

private collection-oil on canvas 3x4 ft. private collection-oil on canvas 3x4 ft. "Maui Clouds" oil on canvas 3x3 ft.

"Half Dome" oil on canvas16x20 in.  "Alternate Reality" oil on canvas 3x4 feet private collection-acrylic on canvas 3x4 ft

"Praying for Mother Earth" oil on canvas 3x4 ft "the Cloud Queen Takes a Moment" oil on canvas 5x6 ft. San Rafael Itailian Street Painting festival chalk 9x12 ft.